Sistema ABE® is the most innovative and fun activity in your gym because it is a high calorie burner with little or no effort. It is especially designed for those that have the desire to be healthier and physically fit. ABE® is suited for everyone, no matter their physical state, age or health condition. It’s attractive for those who like to work out and stay in shape and even those who are inactive and want to improve their fitness.

The exclusive ABE® platform (patent) was specifically designed to reduce the impact on your joints by dispersing air as you jump. It allows you to have fun while doing an aerobics class without much effort being put in. Top results without the feeling of exhaustion while working your whole body.smiley

A complete exercise with which you improve your physical stamina after a few classes. Try it out!

ABE® is a class you do with your peers - no choreography is needed - you just move to the rhythm of the music, using the equipment requested e.g. weights, toc-tocs, elastic bands, maracas, etc. that help you tone up, improve your body strength and make you feel good.

Those who’ve tried ABE®, repeated it, loved it and recommended it....For everyone!

Join the healthy life with ABE®yes

imagen del sistema abe gente saltando haciendo ejercicio